CBD Vape

Full Circle Hemp CBD Vape is a completely natural product produced using a state of the art extraction process.     

We provide you with a clean CBD Vape experience free from MCT, PG/VG, PNG or Vitamin E Oil. Our CBD Vape is just as nature intended. Botanical terpenes are infused in a CBD distillate that includes other Cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, CBL, CBN, CBE & CBDV. Please see our 3rd party lab results

.What makes our CBD Vape so effective?

We use a 60%+ CBD Distillate infused with carefully chosen Hemp & Botanical terpenes in a choice of either daytime or nighttime blends to suit all your needs. All our CBD Vape blends have delicious flavour profiles and are the strongest CBD Vapes available in Ireland. Try them and see!

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