The Calming Effect Of CBD Oil On Dogs

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We’ve all had experienced anxiety at some point and we know of its effects and how it can lower the quality of our lives. But did you know that our dogs can experience it too? Whether from loud noises, separation, or PTSD, our furry friends can suffer from stress just like us. There are many products out there claiming to treat our pets’  anxiety,  but not all of them are safe. If we really want to help them without introducing unnatural chemicals into their bodies, we have to turn to natural and organic solutions. And there is one product that has been making headlines as a natural remedy for anxiety. CBD  oil. A lot of people have reported good results with it, but can you really use  CBD oil for dogs with anxiety? That’s what Full Circle Hemp cover in this article. We’ll talk about the calming effects of CBD oil on dogs, its other benefits, and everything else you need to know to help your dog get the most benefits from CBD. 

What Is CBD Oil and Is It Safe for Your Dogs? 

Extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD oil contains an array of natural chemicals including terpenes, flavonoids, and most importantly, cannabinoids,  that can be beneficial for the body. Cannabinoids are specific to the cannabis plant and the two most famous ones are THC and CBD. THC is a euphoric cannabinoid responsible for the  “high” people feel when they use marijuana.  CBD  on the other hand is non-intoxicating and has shown numerous health benefits in various studies.    

While THC has its own benefits and complements the effects of CBD and other natural components of the plant in a phenomenon known as the entourage effect, too much of it can be toxic, especially for dogs. Symptoms of  THC  toxicity include vomiting and excessive panting. But there’s no need to worry,  because all CBD oils in the market, especially CBD oils for dogs with anxiety,  have a limited amount of THC that doesn’t pose a threat to their health. Other than that, CBD  is generally safe with rare potential side effects such as drowsiness,  lowered blood pressure, and dry mouth. CBD may also interact with other medications.  So if you’re dogs are on prescription drugs,  you should check in with your vet before introducing the product into their diet to witness the calming effects of CBD oil on your dogs. 

You can always stay away from these side effects and minimise the risks by purchasing CBD oil from reputable brands that offer third-party lab-tested products.  If you’re worried about the safety of the CBD  oil for your anxious dog, you can opt for a CBD oil that is specifically made for pets.  

How Will CBD Oil Calm Down Your Dogs?

Anxiety is not uncommon among dogs and it can be due to different reasons.  Leaving them alone at home can lead to separation anxiety,  especially if they’re not used to being alone by themselves. Adjusting to new places, new people and other pets can also be stressful for them. Fear of loud noises like thunderstorms or Fireworks is another common cause of distress. Rescue dogs with traumatic pasts can develop PTSD. These anxieties all get worse as they age and lead to aggression,  depression,  incessant barking,  and other misbehaviours.   

CBD oil can reduce these types of anxieties with its strong relaxing effects on the mind through interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS).  ECS is a biological system composed of a network of receptors that exist in all mammals,  including humans and dogs.  It creates a set of endocannabinoid's and interacts with other cannabinoids through its receptors. Although it’s not yet fully understood, scientists believe that this interaction regulates some of the most important bodily functions like sleep,  pain,  appetite,  and mood by stabilising the immune and nervous systems.  Different cannabinoids in the  CBD  oil interact with  CB1  and  CB2  receptors in the  ECS  and improve dysfunctional systems and anxiety by lighting the effects of the stress hormone.    

The calming effects of  CBD  oil on dogs are even stronger because dogs have more cannabinoid receptors in their bodies. A study on shelter dogs showed a  reduction in stress-related aggressive behaviour towards humans after giving them CBD. So CBD oil for dogs with anxiety can manage their stress, help them calm down, and avoid the harsh side effects of chemical medications.

Other Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil is not only for dogs with anxiety.  It can also help improve your dogs’  overall health and mobility. Although this area still needs a lot more research,  some benefits of CBD oil for dogs have been documented in different studies.  Let’s take a look at them.


Seeing your dogs in pain is hard for any pet owner.  Their physical pain can also be a reason for their anxiety and lethargy. Instead of reaching for the usual NSAIDs like ibuprofen, you can use the all-natural CBD oil instead. The pain-relieving abilities of CBD have been well documented in humans and are being proven in canine studies.  So you can count on  CBD  oil to successfully reduce your dogs’ pain. 


According to the  Veterinary  Cancer  Society,  cancer affects  1  out of every  4  dogs.  While  CBD  oil’s anti-cancer properties are not yet confirmed, its potential in highlighting cancer-related discomforts and reducing side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and lost appetite are well known.  So if your dogs are under treatment for cancer,  you can ease some of their pain with  CBD. 


Osteoarthritis and joint pain are among the inflammatory conditions that affect 30-50% of dogs as they age. These conditions limit their mobility and playfulness.  CBD  oil can restore this mobility through its anti-inflammatory properties.  Multiple studies have shown the effectiveness of CBD and hemp oils against inflammation, so you can use them safely for your dogs.


Just like us, our dogs are not safe from epileptic seizures.  In fact,  epilepsy affects  6%  of all dogs and its worst for some breeds compared to others.  Perhaps  CBD’s most famous ability is its effectiveness in highlighting epileptic seizures. There is already a human medication based on CBD for epilepsy and studies show that CBD oil can reduce the frequency and severity of seizures in our canine friends as well.


Your dogs may have difficulty sleeping due to any number of reasons.  Anything from anxiety and pain to nausea can keep them awake. The calming effects of CBD  oil on dogs will not only highlight these conditions but will also increase their total sleep time so they can enjoy a more peaceful night.

Best Dosage of CBD Oil for Dogs With Anxiety

One of the main differences in  CBD  oils for humans and dogs is the dosage.  While there is more research to be done to determine the optimal dosage of  CBD  oil for dogs with anxiety,  a  good measure to choose the best dosage is their size.  Since they are smaller than us,  they need a  lower dosage to experience the effects. The smaller the dog, the lower the CBD dosage. Another thing you need to pay attention to is the concentration of the  CBD in the oil you’re giving them. The higher the CBD content,  the stronger the oil and the calming effects of  CBD  oil on your dogs.  And the last thing that helps you decide on the best dosage of CBD for your dogs is their reaction to it. If you use too small of a dose, it won’t be effective and you won’t notice a difference in their behaviour.  If the dose of  CBD  you give them is too high, you’ll notice negative reactions like fatigue. Most brands provide a  dosage guide on their CBD oils for dogs. You can start somewhere in the middle of that range, taking your dog’s size into account, and change it according to their response.

How and When to Give CBD Oil to Your Dogs  

There are several ways you can give your dog CBD oil. The best and most common way of administration for inducing the calming effects of CBD oil on dogs is to give it to them directly via the dropper.  You can fill it with your desired dose of CBD oil and squeeze it into their mouths. Within 20 minutes,  you can see them calm down.  You can even add CBD oil to their food or homemade treats.  Replacing their normal treats with  CBD-infused ones will make a big difference in your dogs’ quality of life.   

 The timing depends mostly on what you’re trying to achieve. If your dogs get anxious on car rides or during grooming,  you can give it to them an hour before leaving. Before bedtime is also a good time to give them the CBD oil and help them relax for a restful night. If they have arthritis, you can give it to them in the morning. After a long day of playing in the park, a little CBD oil can calm their muscles and relieve joint pain.  Another way you can use  CBD  oil for arthritis is by adding it to a balm or buying a pet balm already infused with  CBD oil and rubbing it directly on the target area. 

Choose the Best CBD Oil for Your Anxious Dogs   

 Unfortunately, there are many CBD companies out there that don’t care about your dogs’ safety and mislead you with false advertising on their labels. So to  make  sure  you’re giving  your  beloved  pets  the  best CBD  oils  that  contain  no  harmful pesticides or impurities, look for reliable brands with third-party lab  tested products and good customer reviews.    

One such brand is Full Circle Hemp that is an award-winning company with a  special line of  CBD  products for pets.  Full  Circle  Hemp cares about its customers’  health and welfare and that’s why it only provides the highest quality  CBD products for you and your dogs. So try it out today and see the calming effects of CBD oil on dogs for yourself.   Share this article with your friends and let us know in the comments if you’ve ever given CBD oil to your dogs to calm them down.

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