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CBD Vape starter kit- 45% CBD - Cannabis inspired terpenes...by Synergy
CBD Vape starter kit- 45% CBD - Cannabis inspired terpenes...by Synergy

CBD Vape starter kit- 45% CBD - Cannabis inspired terpenes...by Synergy

The CBD Vape starter kit that's gone viral in Ireland!!

“Synergy stands out from the crowd. Their premium Hemp flowers are processed with utmost expertise and patience producing one of the tastiest CBD oil extracts on the market.”
– Cannabis News World –

If you’re looking for a premium quality CBD vape pen kit, then this will become your favourite.

This is NOT a cheap plastic vaporizer – when you first hold this vape you’ll be surprised by the weight of it. It’s small, yet sturdy. The ceramic construction ensures you won’t inhale any plastic fumes.

Even vape enthusiasts will be surprised by the quality of this kit…

You get huge clouds of CBD and terpene rich vapour in just a 3-second pull.

This allows you to take huge hits or controlled precision doses – whatever works best for your needs

CBD Concentration: 45- 50%

THC Concentration: 0%
Terpene Levels: High
Terpene Profiles: Golden Lemons & Raspberry Cookies
Quantity of Extract: 500mg

Legal In Most European Countries
Subcritical CO2 Extracted
No Additives
Fully Charged In Just 60 Minutes

Exceptional, clean and fresh cannabis flavours and big clouds if needed. Our vape Kit will satisfy the beginner or true cannabis connoisseur.

Please be warned that if you have been a user of other portable CBD Vape Pens that our Dabpro Vape pen will far surpass the vapour production in a matter of seconds, this precision and immediate vapour production allows from more controlled and accurate dosing, but also large doses for those who prefer to consume CBD this way.





CBD Vape Starter Kit

This Full CBD Vape starter kit includes everything you need to start vaping high quality CBD.  Battery, charger, case and 1 prefilled cartridge.

  • Perfect for microdosing.
  • Discreet & easy to use
  • Ireland's first CBD Vape Starter Kit to be Free from Propylene glycol (PG) Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG).
  • Perfect for a 1st time vaper or veteran cannabis connoisseur .
  • Contains CBD, CBG as well as many other naturally occurring terpene’s and flavonoid’s
  • The extract has been dewaxed/winterised and distilled to perfection.
  • Undergone an advanced coloumn chromotography technique to remove the THC while leaving all other compounds intact.

Terpene profiles available are - Golden Lemons & Raspberry Cookies

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