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CBD Infused Ground Coffee 250g Bag -250mg


CBD Infused Coffee in Ireland

Full Circle Hemp are delighted to introduce our delicious CBD infused Coffee. The CBD is infused into the beans in such a way as to preserve the complexity of the flavours so nothing is lost but only gained. 


If Coffee is part of your daily routine, consider trying the Ireland's best CBD infused Coffee to bring a little joy and wellbeing to your day.


  • Single Origin Columbian
  • Toffee, Walnut Flavour with a hint of Citrus Zest
  • 7mg full spectrum CBD with every 7gram serving
  • Sweet and smooth finish
  • Reduces jitters and insomnia commonly associated with Coffee
  • Sealed in a foil bag for long lasting freshness
  • Infused with Organically grown CBD
  • Full Spectrum, rich in terpenes beta caryophyllene,humulene & myrcene.
  • Free of pesticides, heavy metals and GMOs
  • 250gram bag contains 35 servings


Full Circle Hemp CBD Infused Coffee…Taking your day to the next level.



Organic full spectrum hemp, single origin Colombian coffee beans.


4-5 servings per day. Do not exceed 8 cups of coffee per day.

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, and humidity in order to preserve freshness and quality. Re-seal bag after use.

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