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CBD HEMP CAPSULES ORGANIC 8.5% , 30 Capsules Per Bottle

This is a high quality premium Organic CBD product 8.5% CBD 50% & CBDA 50% Mix

From fine sieve EU-hemp powder in it's natural most natural state.

This is premium cert. Organic fine sieve from our certified organic EU-hemp plantation in Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, Alpujarra, Andalucia, Southern Spain.

CBD content: aprox 12.5 % CBD / 0.2% THC.
 High levels of other important cannabinoids such as CBG (0.5%).
 1x 0.5g capsules contain 28 mg CBD.

This is the highest quality hemp powder in the market today. 

Used for treatment of various endo-cannabinoid and neural related illnesses.

0.2% THC.

 Pullulan Capsules. 

Excellent oxygen barriere properties of pullulan, so that these capsules protect 250 times better against oxidation than HPMC capsules and 9 times better than gelatine capsules.
- Because of non-hygroscopic properties of pullulan, the likelihood of a potential crosslinking with encapsulated substances is significantly reduced.


1 Capsules a day - 2 hours before bedtime & drink plenty of water. 

What makes our product different:

We create CBD products with extraordinary level of terpenes, CBC and CBG properties. Cannabinoids (there are over 80) regenerate your neural system. We offer you a entirely handmade product from seeding to final oil. You can tell the difference in the absence of the mental obscurity of typical standard CO2 made CBD extracts and oils. In contrast to CO2, our infused oils smell wonderful and taste great, so your CBD can be eaten with foods like any other vegetable oil. That means the CBD is digested by the stomach and liver before distributed to the blood stream (with THC metabolising into the important delta-11-THC). This is the key element in changing your health - liver qi, the vitality producing organ.

Our secret to our extraordinary quality,

•    Own specialized high altitude (1600m) cultivation in the pristine natural reserve of Sierra Nevada (Southern, Spain). Spring watered and with the most sunlight hours in Europe. Strict quality control with highest purity levels in the industry (indoor drying). 

•    Handmade infusion process in alchemist tradition way superior to any modern pharmaceutical lab method. 

•    Certified organic 

•    High in terpenes, high in additional cannabinoids (as CBC and CBG). 

•    Exceptional purity levels in the processing. We always work far below recommended max levels for microbes whereas any other field hemp typically have above levels after drying outdoors. 

The advantages of natural fine sieve products

Our unique product is a combination of authentic certified seeds from mediterranean EU hemp, grown in high altitude. High UV mean that plants develop more essential oils (terpenes) that greatly enhances the entourage effect (multiple benefits) of the cannabinoids. Also called full spectrum. In addition the hemp after drying indoors just upon harvest, the plant material is fine sieved into finer and finer powders. These have multiple benefits to any extraction.

Historically in the East most medicinal cannabis products were typically finely sieved as hashis . In the West, destill/alcohol extractions were more common. In contrast to any extraction method, the natural state material carries all of it’s multitude of beneficial properties intact. Just as in the raw foods movement, the product is taken raw with maximum benefits to the body. Unless for preservation properties, we have found there is no need for extraction as the natural fine sieve shows better effects and results. We have chosen to decarboxylate 50% meaning half the cannabinoids are transformed into pure CBD. The other half are the beneficial CBD-A- In that way you will both have benefit of CBD and CBD-A at the same time.

There are no known side effects to naturally occurring pure CBD.

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