Excellent product I would not buy from anywhere else Ive researched this product within an inch of its life and it comes highly recommended from several sources , excellent value for money and most importantly doesn't contain any olive oil like most other cbd's now on the market in Ireland
SD Dublin

I've used several different CBD oils and I have to say this is the most potent and feels really 'clean'. Some of the others have felt a bit heavy. Excellent product.
BG Wicklow

I would just like to give you some feed back on the CBD OIL 3% which I purchased at the mind and body event in the RDS a few weeks back. I have found it absolutely fantastic for the anxiety I have been suffering with for over 40 years, and my friend who also purchased it has had amazing results also. I found it has helped with sleeping and so many other things, I have been promoting it to many friends and I am looking to purchase more from yourselves.
I would be very interested in selling your products and would like some more information, I just feel something so simple and healthy can have such an amazing positive effect on one's overall physical health as well as mental health is just phenomenal.
Mk Dublin

I use this stuff for sports recovery, I've never felt this good. Great stuff, well worth it!
BJ Dublin

I just wanted to send a message to say thank you so much! I have been suffering with severe chronic migraines for over two years now with daily headaches 24 hours a day (and an underlying condition of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension) and had failed all of the medical trials my consultants had tried to get the pain of the migraines under control (on waiting lists for the final two options).
That was until I met you at Body Mind and Spirit in the RDS, I had been planning on getting CBD oil but I was unsure how much to take/where to get it to be sure I was getting a good product. In the same week I started taking the 3% CBD oil and began cranio sacral therapy and now I can actually function again!!! After your advice via email my partner got me the 15% and I have improved even more
I still have the headaches but they are so much more manageable and I'm not getting nearly as many full migraine attacks (I had been getting 3-4 a week)! And I am sleeping better!! AGAIN, THANK YOU :)
I am even starting back to work soon (part-time to dip the toe after over a year off on sick leave). Since starting the CBD oil I have met a few people that have similar symptoms to me and have had little relief from medications or don't want to take medications and I have sent them in your direction. I have also been seeing a naturopathic consultant and have told him about your fantastic company. I really just wanted to say thank you, I have started getting my life back!
SM Dublin