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Full Circle Hemp have always had a passion for Combat Sports, having a background in Kickboxing I saw first hand how amazing CBD is for post recovery. The main problem most fighters have is inflammation in the body! 

Exercise and Inflammation:

Any form of exercising (particularly vigorous) causes inflammation. It’s the body’s way of triggering the body’s repair process and is a completely natural occurrence. The inflammation itself is triggered by microscopic damage to the muscles and tissues, it’s what allows the muscles and tissues to grow back stronger and fitter. However, too much inflammation, (caused through injury, sprains and strains, more vigorous workouts etc) can contribute to excessive muscle damage, poor workout results and longer recovery times. Professional athletes turn to anti-inflammatory measures to aid in their recovery such as using ice baths and pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories. However, there is an increasing turn towards CBD in post-workout recovery as it does not have the potential to cause kidney damage which may occur with long term use of pharmaceutical anti- inflammatories.2/3!

It is interesting to note that CBD was at one time banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency but the ban was lifted in 2017 and has since been accepted for use by professional athletes. It is even been offered in some yoga studios! !

In Summary:

The endocannabinoid system works to bring the body into homeostasis and has a pain relieving, mood enhancing, stress relieving, blood flow stimulating, breath enhancing and inflammation reducing effect when activated through exercise. The key here is that endocannabinoids are lipids that are very quickly eliminated so that supplementing with CBD (which is an FAAH inhibitor so will delay this elimination) pre, post and during exercise can boost and aid in the previously mentioned effects. Supplementing with CBD pre exercise can reduce stress (this is important as cortisol breaks down muscle tissue in order to provide the body with blood sugar but that’s a whole other article!) and elevate mood; during and post exercise CBD supplementation can increase blood flow, enhance breath and moderate the potential physiological effects of exercise such as muscle soreness and inflammation and the need for rest through bringing deep relaxation. 

 Our Sponsored Athletes:


 Dean Barry AKA The Sniper Fighting out of Straight Blast Gym Dublin

Under coach Own Roddy.

A multiple World Kickboxing Champion Dean has won all of the most pretigious titles over a number of years including....

WAKO senior world champion

WAKO junior European champion

WAKO junior world champion

WKC world champion

WOMAA world champion

7x Senior national Irish champion

4x senior Irish open champion

2x junior Irish open champion

4x Belgium open champion

4x bristol open champion

4x WAKO world cup best fighter champion Italy

2x Amerikick national champion Philadelphia

North American open winner las vegas.

Dean Is currently preparing for his next MMA fight.  


Our next Professional Fighter is Scott Harvey AKA Hazard Harvey also fighting out of Straight Blast Gym, Under coach Own Roddy.


Our third Professional Fighter is Ryan Curtis AKA Chaos Curtis also fighting out of Straight Blast Gym, under coach Owen Roddy