CBD Skincare in Ireland

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CBD Skincare:

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Prema and I’m the alchemist here at Full Circle Hemp and can normally be found behind the scenes formulating this and that. There are two passions that inspire and motivate me…Herbs and Oils and I’ll tell you why.

Mother Nature gifted us with everything we could possibly need of which plants just leave me open mouthed in awe. Plants feed us, clothe us, shelter us, heal us, and provide incredible beauty. Just allow yourself for one moment to fully take in what incredible grace this is, the sheer magnitude of their offering. My love is formulating with this awe and wonder and infinite gratitude. An oil is generally extracted from a seed or fruit that has spent time simply absorbing the energy of the sun, the soil, the water and the air. It has drawn on all the elements and then undergoes this alchemical process to produce a plethora of compounds that are so varied it beggars belief! When you really start to let it all sink it how can you not be awed?!

The formulation journey is part knowledge, part intuition, experience and draws on all the senses. Herbs are carefully chosen for their skin benefiting qualities and wherever possible are wild harvested and lovingly and slowly infused in seed oils here in County Wicklow. The oils themselves are not just fillers but are also carefully chosen for their myriad of qualities. For example a butter (essentially an oil that is so saturated it is solid or semi solid) may not just be chosen for it’s skin softening qualities but because it simply rocks on the anti-inflammatory scale.

That butter may be complimented by an anti-inflammatory herb that has just the right profile to bring the formula into well-roundedness. I wish I could go into more detail here but there is a little thing called compliance that makes anything that is or sounds like a claim to be…well, not ok. Suffice to say there are no fillers in our skincare. Every ingredient is there for a very good reason and there is always the endeavour to source sustainably and responsibly, with buying direct from producers wherever possible or wild harvesting here in Ireland.

I’m a firm believer in making with intention and heart…I know it’s a bit woo woo but that’s what differentiates a mass produced product from a lovingly crafted, small batch creation.

CBD Skincare in Ireland


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